Hei'An - "shut my eyes" (Orchestral Version)

Video Source: Post-Rock

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"Even from the early stages of writing the song - nearly a year ago - 'shut my eyes' has always had a distinctively cinematic vibe, so an orchestral version felt like a natural thing to do at some point. And since 'imago' has been postponed due to the pandemic, the timing felt right.
Thank you to everyone who has listened so far and to everyone that will keep on listening!"
- Hei'An

I dared to shut my eyes
now I never wanna dream again
shut my eyes

Written by Hei'An (Matic Blagonič)
Orchestral arrangement by Andreas Pichler
Vocals performed and recorded by Hei'An (Matic Blagonič)
Programmed by Andreas Pichler
Produced by Andreas Pichler
Co-produced by Hei'An (Matic Blagonič)
Mixed and mastered by Andreas Pichler

Artwork designed by Almira Cansu

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